When the day is not over yet….

There’s gonna be some passion….

Executive chef and owner Joshua Skenes

Price 398 $ (plus service & tax)

The surrounding is dark and minimalistic, copper pots hanging, some fur over seating. Pop hits from the 80’s. Are we in the right place? Oh yes we are as we sit next to the kitchen and get to see all the action from the first row.


First star landed here in 2011. The next year the stakes were raised and received second star. 2015 became Saison one of the first three starred restaurant along with Benu in SF.

As we start our dinner it becomes more and more clear – they love fire. And how smooth the kitchen operates. Listen Michael Jacksons’ “Beat it” for background and go with the flow… Getting more pumbed up… And so we begin…

Menu for dinner:

  • infusion of herbs from our garden
  • saison reserve caviar
  • amberjack
  • sea urchin on grilled bread
  • the whole radish & our butter
  • grilled ratatouille
  • lobster, grilled over the ambers, sauce of yogurt & citrus leaves
  • hairy pig
  • a bouillon made of the grilled bones
  • ice cream & caramel cooked in the fireplace
  • fruits & tea





All the tools you need to make yourself a dinner prepared by the kitchen. Some meat, some salad, something crispy.

5Desserts. Where to start….




The smokey ice cream melting in caramel. Sweet dreams…


To finish up, some tea and chocolate with gold.9

I loved the relaxed mood that was mixed with formality. Very friendly and opened to questions. Did you know that most of the kitchen staff and dining area staff has tattoos? Some of them  are in secret places…

Visited 6/october/2016


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